Bottling in two stages


At Ropiteau Frères ageing the wines does not follow a set formula, but is adapted more than ever before to the vintage. The house winemaker had initially planned a single, early bottling session for this vintage in July 2016, but in the end decided to do it in two goes to conserve all the character of this exceptional year.

The first batch of wines were indeed bottled in summer, those from the Meursault de Ropiteau cuvée, which combines several plots. The premier cru wines and one cuvée of Meursault are scheduled to be bottled in January-February 2017, after three months on lees in stainless-steel vats to allow the wines to develop. The ultimate goal is structure, complexity and finesse for these great whites, which promise to be elegant wines.

Bottling in two stages jan. 2017              Bottling in two stages bottling              Bottling in two stages Burgundy

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