Double dynamics: the vortex effect on the white wines


Nicolas Burnez, winemaker at Ropiteau Frères, initiated trials in dynamizing grape juice in 2015, a practice used in biodynamics through preparations. These trials reached a turning point in 2018 with the development of a double vortex naturally created by gravity, which involves creating a clockwise whirlpool, and simultaneously introducing an anti-clockwise one. These movements bring energy into the juice and could replace traditional pumping-over to introduce air. The aim is to apply this technique to all the cuvées thanks to special equipment that is easy for anyone to use.

The winemaker stared from the idea that grape juice contains around 85% water, hence the interest in trying to infuse energy into it during the fermentation phase.

The first trials concerned part of the Mâcon-Igé Sous la Roche and the results are extremely positive. This technique seems to accelerate fermentation, bringing more depth and complexity to the wine.

This cuvée was put into oak barrels in September, 50% of which were new, and is now being aged in the 15th century cellars alongside all the other great whites produced here. The final verdict will be known in a few months.

Note: These trials were based on the studies and observations by Viktor Schauberger, Louis-Claude Vincedt, and Jeanne Rousseau.

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