Creative talent

Out of respect for each individual wine, Maison Ropiteau produces them all separately. Each of them will thus have the time to assert its personality and give the best of itself. It will then be stamped with the appellation of its climat of origin. However, nature has many faces and is sometimes capricious. Using his talent, the winemaker will reveal and sublimate the wine’s strengths and reduce its weaknesses. A touch too mineral, an overly dominant woody note, too round or not enough… Then, blending is the next major step, which helps re-establish balance where necessary.

Based on these character particularities, the winemaker will prepare the blend. The method is complex, and the outcome is critical, with no room for error. Using all senses, the winemaker will observe, taste, add, remove... and start again to reach the right balance that will make the wine unique. For Maison Ropiteau, the know-how of the oenologist wonderfully combines with the rich terroir and the alchemy of time to develop exceptional wines.

Ropiteau Frères since 1848


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