An establishment of exception

In Burgundy, the wine road cuts across that of the abbeys. Nourished by Heaven and Earth, Ropiteau vintages benefit from an exceptional location. The cellars, where wines slowly ferment under the watchful eye of the winemaker, are among the most prestigious in the region. Visitors are immediately taken by the meditative atmosphere. Alongside the cloistered wine, voices fall silent; time stands still, far from the noise and stress of the outside world.

This cellar, known as the Caves de l’Hôpital, was founded in the 17th century by President Jehan de Massol, the King’s advisor at the Burgundy Parliament. Formerly owned by the Hospices de Beaune, they now house our precious ‘cuvées’. 

Under the stone arches, amidst the shadows and silence, at optimal temperatures, the wines slowly ferment just as they did over three centuries ago.

Ropiteau Frères since 1848


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21190 Meursault
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